• Terraform: Buliding a Better World

    Released in 2021, Terraform is a collection of poetry and short stories all around terrafroming the world we live in.

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  • Terraform: the Sky

    In conjunction with the book, Prop released 4, 7 song eps named after the 4 sections of the book. Each Ep is produced by a different producer and is created to aid in further unpacking the call to terraform our world

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  • Terraform: the Soil

    This ep is the inspiration for the cold brew project. The soil, is sacred, thus everything that comes from the soil, food, drink, coffee, animals and humans are also, sacred.

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  • Terraform: The People

    This ep is about the culture we build for ourselves. the truth is, culture is not something that happens to us, but is created by us. We are the culture.

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  • Terrafrom: The Possibility

    The grand finale. this is about imagining that better future and then taking the steps to make it a reality!

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